During the trip we will visit:

  • 1) Włocławek dam (constructed in 1962-1970), the only one of the planned Lower Vistula Cascade
  • 2) Bydgoszcz Water Route Junction – connection between Vistula and Odra basins by Bydgoski Channel (1773-1774)
  • 3) system of small hydroelectric power plants on the Radunia River (1910-1937); 
  • 4) Vistula mouths: historical (Dead Vistula – from 1371, Brave Vistula – from 
  • 5) 1840) and present (constructed in 1891-1895) 
  • 6) hydro-engineering facilities located in the delta land of the Vistula River (Żuławy Wiślane)
  • 7) Elbląg Channel, the longest navigable channel in Poland (1844–1860)

Institute of Hydro-Engineering of Polish Academy of Sciences


Post-conference field trip fee IS NOT INCLUDED in the conference registration fee.

You must be a registered participant to be able to attend the tour.

The prices for a whole tour are as follows:
Post-conference field trip fee: €280
Accompanying person post-conference field trip fee: €280
*Price per person including all taxes

Please note, that the minimum number of participants for this tours to proceed is 10.
In case this number is not reached until July 31st 2020 the tour 
will be cancelled and registration fees will be refunded in full.

For post-conference tours registration terms and condition refer to the registration policy .

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