September 17th (Thursday): 
Transfer from Warsaw to Suraż (~3 hours) 
Evening kayak ride and first touch the Upper Narew River - a unique anastomosing river system and the biota of fluviogeneous wetlands

September 18th (Friday)
Transfer from Suraż to the headquarters of the Narew National Park in Kurowo - dilemmas of active protection of river system and fluviogenic wetlands under changing climate and socio-economic conditions 
Strękowa Góra - alluvial Narew and Biebrza Valleys; "Polish Thermopylae" - the history of a battle during the first days of World War II 
Accommodation in a guesthouse in Kiermusy

September 19th (Saturday): 
The lower Biebrza basin - vegetation structure of the floodplain controlling hydraulic conditions and inundation magnitude in a swampy river valley. 
Traditional agricultural landscape of Central European marshes and problems with secondary plant vegetation succession 
at the afternoon transfer to Warsaw - arrival in Warsaw is scheduled for 5 p.m.


Post-conference field trip fee IS NOT INCLUDED in the conference registration fee. 

You must be a registered participant to be able to attend the tour.

The prices for a whole tour are as follows:
Post-conference field trip fee:
Accompanying person post-conference field trip fee: €221
*Price per person including all taxes

Please note, that the minimum number of participants for this tours to proceed is 10.
In case this number is not reached until July 31st 2020 the tour 
will be cancelled and registration fees will be refunded in full.

For post-conference tours registration terms and condition refer to the  registration policy .


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